Advanced – ( 45 Minutes)
Our Competition Pool gives our swimmers space to grow and develop their skills in our progressive classes.
Our advanced classes concentrate on maintaining the ASA strokes over a greater distance using the correct starts and turns.
Our advanced classes focus on pre-club skills introducing the Individual Medley and the competitive laws used in a club environment. We concentrate on maintaining the ASA strokes over a greater distance. Turns and diving are developed and perfected alongside other competitive practices.
These session are held at our training pool in Chatteris.
Our new 12 week term commences week beginning Monday 10th September 2018

Ely Aqua Awards


Aqua 7, test criteria

  •  Demonstrate an understanding of pre-paring the body for exercise
  •  Kneeling dive progressing to lunge dive and dolphin kick to surface
  •  Perform a sequence of movements to include headfirst & feet first sculling and rotation
  • Straddle jump and tread water for two minutes, keeping one arm out of the water signaling for help, change arms every 30 seconds
  •  Swim 25m of lifesaving backstroke
  • Headfirst surface dive and retrieve two sinkers from the bottom of the pool – piked body dive, no kicking
  •  Swim 1 width of front crawl, somersault at wall push off and return on the back
  •  Swim 100m using 3 different strokes, each stroke must be maintained over 25m
  •  Swim an 50m of front crawl and backstroke maintaining an efficient technique
  • Swim 50m Breaststroke and finish with a two hand touch
  •  Swim 25m of Butterfly to include a minimum of 6 rhythmical breaths






New to our Mini Squad swimming lessons:

The ASA Swimming Stroke Awards are great for children keen to show their skills in individual strokes.

Covering backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, freestyle and individual medley, these five badge and certificate supported awards encourage swimmers to learn the correct skills in strokes, turns and finishes before learning to swim faster.

The ASA Speed Awards cover all four strokes with Bronze, Silver and Gold Award categories.

If a child achieves a Gold from the Speed Awards this is a good indication that he or she is certainly of a club standard.




ROOKIE LIFEGUARD COURSE – Keep your children safe !!!!!
We are offer these lessons at both Chatteris and Little Thetford:
Mondays 5.45pm – 6.15pm, Little Thetford, Ely location, Friday’s at Chatteris 5pm – 6pm
We are offering this to children Splash 5/Stage 5 (ASA) and above or can swim 50m unaided.
As a Rookie you will learn lifesaving skills to help yourself and know what to do if others get into difficulty.
The award contains survival, rescue and swimming skills as well as life support and water safety.
For more information contact Anita at 07557335113