These classes are aimed at increasing distance and finer tuning the four recognised Swim England strokes to an efficient standard.  We also incorporate other aspects including water safety and survival skills, ready to advance to our Mini Squad lessons.
These lessons are offered from Lilac Pool Eastmoor, The Old Gym Downham Market, The Empress Pool Chatteris and Haddenham.
Our new 11 week term commences week beginning 9th January 2017


Aqua 4

  • Perform 3 different jumps into the water. Soldier, pencil & star
  • Perform a sequence of changing shapes whilst floating on the front (minimum of 3) – body horizontal, shapes flow from one to the other
  • Forward push and glide on the front and in one continuous movement roll to finish on the front (log roll) – full extension of the body
  •  Swim 5m dolphin kick on front or back – toes pointed, legs together.
  •  Swim 10m breaststroke using arms a legs (a woggle may be used)
  •  Swim front crawl, overarm recovery, face down (minimum of 5m), roll onto the back to breath and complete the swim
  •  Headfirst scull on the back for 5m in a horizontal body position
  •  Perform a tuck (mushroom) float for 10 seconds
  •  Perform two different types of entries and tread water for 15 seconds
  • Submerge, push and glide and swim 5m underwater
  • Sitting dive into a forward glide

Aqua 5

  •  Answer 4 water safety questions
  •  Tread water for 30 seconds, vertical stationary position, head clear of the water
  •  Perform a tuck (and extend) jump into deep water, feet first entry
  •  Swim 10m front crawl kick arms extended
  •  Swim 10m basic breaststroke using arms a legs (feet must turn out)
  •  Swim 10m front crawl face down, rhythmical breathing to the side- bilateral or unilateral breathing
  •  Push and glide on the back, arms extended and transition to a backstroke swim
  •  Perform a horizontal stationary scull on the back
  •  Swim 10m dolphin kick, arms extended
  •  Forward push and glide into a handstand
  •  Demonstrate the HELP position (Heat, escape, lessoning, position)

Aqua 6

  •  Straddle jump into the water and tread water for 1 minute (goggles are not permitted). Include x 2 360 degree turns in each direction
  •  Push and glide into a forward somersault
  •  Swim 25m front crawl with regular rhythmical breathing
  •  Swim 25m backstroke, efficient technique
  •  Swim 15m breaststroke to include a minimum of 6 rhythmical breaths
  •  Swim 15m basic butterfly, arms must clear the water
  •  Perform a horizontal stationary scull on the back, transfer to feet first for 10m
  •  Perform a feet first surface dive, rotate underwater and swim back to the side
  •  Demonstrate the action for getting help
  •  Swim underwater and locate an object 5m away
  •  Exit the pool without the use of steps