Pre-School & Non Swimmer Classes

A follow on from My Aqua Babies classes; children gain water confidence under the safety of their teacher, adults are not required to accompany children in the water. These classes offer a more structured approach to learning through fun based activities; developing independence in the water and introducing stroke technique. Our pre-school classes have a maximum of 3/4 swimmers meaning we can handcraft our teaching and care to suit every child’s needs. Smaller classes allow children to progress faster and grow in confidence. Lessons are offered from a warm & stimulating environment and are delivered with creativity and imagination.

Pre-school classes are generally offered to children over 3 years old depending on their water confidence. Your child will be placed in a level based on their ability . We have four levels, each having specific goals.  Children will advance at their own pace through our curriculum and as they acquire new skills can then progress to the next level

Our new 11 week term commences January 9th and is offered at Little Thetford, Swavesey and Chatteris

Penguin 1

  • Enter the water safely with adult support if required
  • Float on the back with or without assistance
  •  Kick 5m on the back with or without support
  •  Blow a floating object for 3m
  •  Wet the face without submersion
  • Blow bubbles at the waters surface
  •  Travel on the front for 5m to a floating object
  • Exit the water safely –encourage the swimmer to hold on to pool side and climb out with adult support if required

Penguin 2

  • Enter the water safely from a standing or sitting position with or without support
  • Wet the face with confidence
  • Float on the back in a relaxed manner
  • Travel through the water for 5m on the back
  • Blow a floating object for a distance of 5m
  • Use a buoyancy aid and rotate through 180 degrees
  • Travel 5m on the front using arms and legs
  • From a sitting position enter the water safely, rotate and return to the side of the pool
  • Exit the water safely using the steps

Penguin 3

  • Make a supervised jump to an adult with or without support
  • Blow bubbles with the mouth underwater
  • Holding a float kick 5m distance on the front
  • Float on the back without adult assistance
  • Use a buoyancy aid and rotate through 360 degrees
  • Travel for 5m on the front using arms and legs
  • Climb out of the water with or without assistance

Penguin 4

  • Perform a safe entry from a standing position without assistance, then turn around, swim back to the point of entry and hold on to the pool side or rail
  • Submerge the face with confidence
  • Travel 5m on the back
  • Push and glide on the back without adult assistance
  • Perform a mushroom or start float
  • Travel through the water on the back using a woggle and demonstrate a simultaneous type movement (this can be the circular breaststroke action or dolphin kick)
  • Float on the front or back and regain an upright position
  • Exit the water safely over the side or show the correct use of the ladder or steps